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I'm just a boy with a dream--

--the nights and days fly by when I'm lost on the streets.

3 May 1989
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I'm Azrael Stone, more commonly known as Yaz. Male. Former Barista and current coffee addict. Renowned insomniac. Wanderer of any and all streets.

I was born May 3rd, 1990. I haven't redone my profile in ages and my interests probably since I started this journal. I definitely haven't changed the layout.

I've moved all over the country in the last year.

I'm head over heels in love with a moron named Judah, and that's a complicated mess all on its own.

I have image and other issues.

I love medically related things, Japanese fashions, weird hair, tattoos, body modification, am open to all kinds of people--religion, race, sexuality, sexual identity, and I take all kinds--straight edge to your more-than-recreational drug user. I listen to every single genre of music ever.

I play guitar, I sing, I wish I could be a rockstar, I have weird adventures and a deformed face full of plates and screws and the most interesting batch of friends you'll ever meet.

Anything new and relevant is friendslocked. Message me if you want to be added.


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